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Post Graduates of M-O Scholarship Application

Directions and M-O Post Graduate Scholarship Application

Each year the Foundation provides several scholarships to post graduates of Mulhall-Orlando.  The scholarship consists of $500 for the fall semester and $500 for the spring semester of college or higher education.

The guidelines are as follows:

1.  Complete the following application.  Mail 3 copies into the school counselor along with a copy of your transcript.  The address is Orlando High School, Orlando, OK 73073

2.  The deadline will be the 1st of April every year.

3.   We will notify you by letter if you are awarded a scholarship.  Scholarship winners will need to mail a copy of your enrollment for the fall and spring to the following address:

2198 East CR 68, Mulhall, OK 73063 or email to

Please click on the Application link below to download.